ETIC INSA Technologies : Our promises

Our promises

Our values


Who keeps the human at the center of the system


In a process of continuous improvement to make ETIC always more efficient


To all the opportunities presented to ETIC, a J.E. which guarantees equal opportunities


With our partners, the movement, our school and our customers, but also with the issues of our time


In order not to take anything for granted and aim always further

Our mission

ETIC INSA Technologies est une Junior-Entreprise, une association loi 1901 à but non lucratif et à vocation pédagogique et économique.
Our mission : completing theoretical training provided in our establishment of higher education, INSA Lyon, by practical applications in enterprise. The turnover generated allows de rémunérer les consultants ayant réalisé l’aspect technique des missions.

Our quality method

ETIC INSA Technologies wishes to provide high quality services to its clients in order to make sure of the good implementation of the project it is entrusted with, respecting determined deadlines and specifications. By doing so, it gives its members, engineering students, a high performing structure that allows them to learn and confront the real requirements of the professional world, while preserving a good mood for everyone.

With this purpose in mind, and for more than 35 years, ETIC INSA Technologies has been supported and controlled by the CNJE (National Confederation of Juniors Enterprises). Once a year, the Junior-Enterprise is audited on its processus, its project monitoring and treasury management. The success of this audit is the sine qua non condition to maintain the Junior-Enterprise brand. Even more, ETIC is now committed to the ISO 9001 certification standards (2008) in order to offer the best answer to the demands of our clients.

This process is focused on three main axis :

Continuous and personalized listening of the client

Guaranteed skills of our contributors

Mastery of the deliverable in the heart of our concerns

To do this, it relies on an organisation :

Solicitation treated in 24h

An analysis phase validated by the client

A pair : chargé d’affaires/quality correspondent for each project

Our CSR policy

Today ETIC INSA Technologies is committed to a social and environmental responsibility approach by placing these new challenges of our society at the heart of its strategy. We implement actions on a daily basis to share our commitment with as many people as possible, our customers, our members, our school, our partners and the entire movement of Junior-Enterprises.

Our engagements :

Support innovation in CSR by helping companies to carry out their projects.

To advise the professionals in order to evolve their projects and their company towards a greater respect of the Men and the environment.

Collaborate with the INSA group foundation, which aims to connect INSA researchers and companies to support them in their CSR approach.

Implement actions internally: inclusive management, selective sorting, energy saving, diversity, equal opportunities ...

Sensitize our members to CSR issues and give them an experience that will make them want to have a positive impact on the company where they will work tomorrow, because the Junior-Enterprise is the school of the company and we want them to learn this what is a humanist enterprise.

Make all students at INSA Lyon and elsewhere aware of the challenges of tomorrow's business.

Be precursors in the movement of Junior-Enterprises and inspire others to join us in this dynamic, within reach of each Junior-Entrepreneur.

ETIC INSA Technologies : Best Junior-Enterprise of France in 2019